Monday, January 7, 2013

Bunibuni Originals

Thousands of people have visited the Bunibuni chatroom over the years. Indeed, as one of the pioneers of LiveChat, I can tell you without mincing words that I have come across a wealth of different characters and personalities. I am sure that as time continues to pass, unless Bunibuni chats cease, there shall yet be a lot of interesting people to come to that chatroom.

At any rate, it is necessary to recognize the pioneers of Bunichat. These men and women are literally the earliest chatters that graced the chatroom. I am sure if you ask many of them to reminisce about those early days, you would immediately notice the tinge of sadness mixed in gladness in their voices and mannerisms as they recount a time long ago when they absolutely loved and cherished the chatroom. I’ll call these pioneering, trailblazing statesmen and women the Bunibuni Originals. It is a special class; a special honor bestowed on these people. It is recognition of their impact in making Bunichat the sort of place that eventually drew in hundreds and hundreds of different chatters over these years.

One more thing—this list cannot be updated to accommodate other names because these names represent the verifiable and active first set of chatters. I am sure that there are others who came pretty close to the time some of the names on the list showed up. Therefore, it is important to realize that those names you recognize to have come a short while before you came are as a matter of fact the last of the Originals set. This is truly the first 30 people to start using the LiveChat/BuniChat room. Take the time to read and ponder over their names to see if you still remember them, and if you do remember, try to see if you can come up with about 5 things about them.

It goes without saying that some of them are no longer around now—they are, in true ancestral fashion, departed. Some are around but quite busy and now occasionally check to see what might be happening in the room. These special ladies and gentlemen really ought to command the unquestioned respect of latter-day chatters because they are in a real sense the chat room grandfathers and grandmothers. Please if you meet or run into any of them and you feel like you need a fresh perspective on how much fun chatting could be, or on past history, or for tips, feel free to engage them and they would tell you a few things that may be of interest to you.

Well then let’s get to it. In addition to yours truly (Godfather/PaaKofi), here in no particular order are the Bunibuni Originals:

Queenie (this is not the Cali-dwelling “Queen”)
Rm 118
Lalalicious Lips/Nwababy
African Kendoll/NaijaFallen

These are the men and women of blessed memory who began it all. These are the Originals who truly deserve to be emblazoned in a Hall of Fame. How many of them do you recognize? How many of them do you still see around? If you run into any of them in the chatroom please recognize you’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting a rare Bunichat Greatness, and do your utmost best to make the encounter profitable/remarkable for you.


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    1. I should be asking you what you did with my brother Joe.