About GFP

Welcome to GFP:

I want to heartily welcome you to my little corner of the web.

You are probably reading this page to find out more about me or maybe to find out what this blog is all about. Godfather’s Panorama is just a simple guy’s attempt to make sense of a disorderly world; to craft Order out of Chaos. On these pages, I’ll attempt to pass commentary on the things that are going on around me; the things that impact me. So yes, you get the idea—it is going to show broad interests.

Every now and then, I might make a commentary that intersects with your own personal experiences or personal knowledge. On such occasions, I would be elated if you could drop a comment on such a topic. This is because I am also eager to interact and share views with people on the issues I talk about. I assure you that you will be treated with the same level of civility that you show.

I am very simple and straightforward; have a dry sense of humor; diverse in interests; loves a challenge; passionate about soccer/football; eclectic in musical tastes; avid movie watcher; can be brutally frank (not frankly brutal); but above all, I strive to interact peaceably with everyone.

Are there topics you would want me to write about? Feel free to suggest them to me personally through the contact form here, or by simply dropping them in the comment box found on this Guest page. Also, there is the option of subscribing to GFP so that you can be alerted by email whenever I drop something new.

Next, I will attempt to list some of my favorite things. I assure you, the list will be long if I really have to state everything. I’ll just list a few and add more relevant details as they emerge or as I remember them. Your time is precious, and I really want to spare you the insignificant details.


PhotographyI absolutely love to take pictures of natural scenes. I am not a professional photographer and so, I really don’t like taking pictures of people. I just prefer to take pictures of inanimate objects, or of great scenery.

MoviesI do not want to exaggerate, but I am an avid movie watcher. Most of the movies that people might consider a waste of time, I have often discovered, actually appeal to me. Check out my movie reviews for a personal take on the movies I see. 

TravelingI sometimes jokingly say that in an earlier life, I must have been a foreign emissary. I love to travel to different places or parts of the world; I love to meet different people and learn new things. There are some days that I simply enter the car and drive a good distance away from my residence just to have a change of scenery; just to feel the breeze rushing into the car. I don’t understand why people are deathly afraid of air travel. For me, it is unimaginable pleasure beyond belief to soar for hours above the lordly skies or to behold the seas and landforms lying thousands of feet beneath. 

Good songsI like just about every genre of music except Metal/Death Metal/Heavy Metal/Psychedelic Rock/Punk Rock. In fact I do not care for pointlessly loud, highly amplified and distorted, guitar-ridden, meandering pieces of whiny, ear-splitting, migraine-inducing garbage that some prefer to call music. 

LiteratureI’ll read anything that I want to read, on any subject at all, so long as it is written in English. For instance, if I find myself in a hospital waiting room, and all I see there are old Newspaper editorials, or tiny pamphlets on assorted diseases, I’ll voraciously read. I do not care about the subject: once I'm motivated to read, everything is fair game.

Soccer/FootballI am an overenthusiastic soccer fanatic. It is probably because I started playing soccer/football at the tender age of 7. It is really a shame that soccer is not a big sport in the US. It is without question, the world’s number one sport. I also like American football. If you do not understand American football, please don’t bother about it; don’t ask me why I like it either. It may be impossible for me to make you get it.

Electronics/Technologycall me whatever you want, but I have a compelling weakness for electronics or electronic gadgets and gizmos. Is it really a bad habit to be overpoweringly drawn to technology? I have to be physically pushed out of stores like Bestbuy, by friends, if there’s ever going to be any hope that the remaining business of the day will be accomplished.