Welcome to Godfather's General Knowledge Trivia (GFGKT)!

Host: Godfather

Where: The Porch

When:Ideally, the games will hold on Saturdays but this is liable to change at short notice.

In Bunibuni's continual quest for excellence, and to provide a deeply enriching medium—both intellectually and otherwise—a new adventure has now begun. It started out initially as weekly general knowledge trivia games which were aimed to stimulate the mind as well as entertain theBuniTV chat room participants who engaged in them. And boy, has it been fun!

We played these trivia games time and time again. Over time, the remarkable intelligence of the members who have graciously participated in these trivia games have come to the fore. This has not failed to impress me.

To put this in proper perspective, on any given day, not less than 300 users waltz in and out of the live chat room. The Website itself boasts an impressive 22 thousand active members. Therefore, it is a thing of beauty and of remarkable achievement if anyone were to find his or her name amongst the people who managed to score points on any given trivia episode.

But to what end should participants bother to come to the room, sit patiently and try to beat others out at a game of speed, resourcefulness and raw smarts? What is the gain? Well, here's your answer: things they are a changing! These trivia games will now run for 10 episodes for this maiden season of Godfather's General Knowledge Trivia—and in the end, the first three on the season's positions table stand to win a sizeable (I should probably be modest here, tsk tsk) congratulatory package from Bunibuni. Yes you read it right; there are awesome prizes to be won. This first season will end right around the Christmas gifting period so that winners can get their prizes delivered on time. Then we can look forward to the next season.

Nevertheless, it is very important to remember, that ALL the names that will appear on this list over the next ten episodes, represent in my mind, the most versatile, highly gifted, highly motivated and highly competitive members out of the 22 thousand strong membership. In other words, I consider these people all winners to be able to make this list. Or perhaps I should simply say that everyone is a winner and forestall a barrage of angry darts from disaffected non-participants :)  At any rate, endeavor to join us in the next episode of  GFGKT (Godfather's General Knowledge Trivia). Begin now to put yourself in strong contention for the amazing prizes that will be won at the end of the season.


GFGKT is a free-flowing general knowledge trivia game. This game assesses a participant's speed, resourcefulness and raw intelligence. Questions will be drawn from a wide range of fields including Mathematics, English, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, Music, History, Current Affairs, Bible or Koranic studies, Cosmology, Mythology, Computers, etc. As you can probably expect, you will have a competitive advantage if you have a very fast Internet connection. The host will paste a question in the room and the first person to come up with the correct answer will win that particular round. This will continue until the host has exhausted all the questions prepared for that episode. No winners are declared till the end of the season. Nevertheless, you can check your weekly rankings at any time. At the end of the season—after the final episode, Bunibuni will ship (or transmit as the case may be) the GREAT prizes that were won.


Please familiarize yourself with these rules and guidelines for GFGKT. They will help you immensely to understand what is going on assuming you have never once participated in any of the previous trivia games. The aim of these rules is to make the game as fun, exciting, challenging andunrowdy as possible.

A) All the previous chat room rules apply —Just because it is a special game session in the room, this is not an invitation to disorder. Kindly follow the other rules of the chat room regarding flooding, shouting in caps, or camming up with possibly dysfunctional microphones.

B) Only typed answers COUNT— You have been perched on your cam all evening watching as the game progressed. Perhaps, you are a bit doleful by the fact that despite your much-vaunted smarts, you have not been able to answer any of the questions correctly--or as quickly as was needed for you to win. Then suddenly an easy question pops up and you feel like you have to shout out the answer before the participants get to answer. Please resist the urge to do this because only the typed answers will count. Please just put those 'lazy' fingers on your keyboard and surprise your fellow participants with the answer—don't say it verbally. Doing so will not earn you any points at all. All you would have succeeded in doing is giving the most attentive typing participant an easy way to score.

C) The host's first IS THE FIRST —Not to imply that there are any sore losers, but every now and then, someone imagines he/she won a round because his/her answer came first on his/her screen. These things happen from time to time. For the avoidance of any doubts, the winner of any round is the name that appears FIRST on the host's screen with the correct answer that the host had in mind! This is clearly not open to debate. The host holds himself to an astonishing degree of  honesty. Secondly, he cherishes every willing and active participant and thus has no desire whatsoever to give people points they truly did not earn. Kindly resist every urge to scream, shout, bicker, whine and protest because you were not picked to have won a round that you imagined you did. It is rather immature. Focus on winning the next question.

D) Please keep your game name — People love to change their names occasionally. While that is a good thing, there is also the chance that there are chronic name-changers who by and large, are unknown to people in the room. For the purposes of this game, you are hereby advised to stick with one name for all the episodes of this premiere season. The reason is simple — the winner for the season will be calculated by adding up all the totals for all the episodes played. You will significantly damage your chances of winning if you show up with different names every time. The season's table is going to have all the names of the participants who got any points, therefore it is imperative that you remember what name  you used in the previous episode if you want to increase your marginal score.  The host will not be mired in any half-baked attempt at handle-matching! The only exceptions he'll make will be for those names that he already knows and have seen their legitimate owners. It is probably a wise idea to secretly keep the host informed of your working email and game name if you have never been on cam and you suspect that crude impersonators may try to claim your identity. The host does not care to invest considerable time and energy in some form of detective work to affirm or deny anyone's identity in case there is a misunderstanding or impersonation. This competition is going to end with prizes awarded therefore willing participants should take extra measures to prove and convince the host that they are who they claim to be.

E) Don't be a sore loser — Every now and then questions may come up for which your answer will differ from the answer the host deems correct. The host takes time to frame these questions in as unambiguous a way as possible with the specific intention of getting a particular precise answer. If the answer you think is correct is ruled against and subsequently by-passed, please deal with it and move on. It may not mean that your answer is wrong--it could very well be right, but it was not the answer the host was looking for. You'll probably hit on a correct answer to another question soon enough. And who knows—someone else might feel their answer was the correct one when you manage to win. At all times, the host's decision is FINAL. Do not blow a gasket, throw chairs, piss on the carpet or whiningly refuse to continue the game. That will probably make you out to be a sore loser—and depending on the frequency or intensity of your grumbling, you may be sent to your room on timeout for being the big whiny baby that you really are. This is after all just a game; not a court room proceeding — so there is no reason you should hold the room to ransom, fighting for your phantom sense of 'justice',  just because your precious nugget of wisdom was ignored or overruled. Lighten up already!

F) Consult whatever oracles you may — because this trivia game tests your speed, resourcefulness and raw intelligence, please you are free to, and moreover encouraged to consult whatever fountain of information you can get to. For the purposes of this game, this  is not considered cheating at all. The reason is simple - it is not enough to possess the general skill of being able to effectively execute a Google/Bing/Yahoo search. One also has to be resourceful enough to know what to searchwhere to search and how to search so as to get at an answer in the fastest or shortest time. Besides, as you will come to find out soon enough, there are questions  which your fellow participants will answer with clinical and devastating incisiveness long before you might have hopped on to Google (or whatever oracles you fancy) to begin your search. What matters are the correct answers; how you arrive at the answers is of little or no importance at all.

G) Don't usurp the host's duties — some participants may feel like they have great trivia questions. Please if you do, kindly submit them to the host's email (provided below) days in advance. If they are good questions, he will probably select them. Therefore, do not succumb to the temptation of throwing out trivia questions in the room when the game is ongoing. This is very confusing and disruptive especially if the host posts his question milliseconds after you have done that. Such actions on your part will throw the room into chaos as people are caught flat-footed answering questions they have no business entertaining. This will be met with an immediate but temporary ban. Trivia sessions are pretty much adrenaline-rich, fiercely competitive and attention-gripping times—please do not make it unnecessarily more mentally taxing for our committed participants.

H) Always pay attention to host's in-game instructions —as you will invariably come to discover when you start joining these trivia games, some questions may require more than one answer on one line to win that round. Please you are always advised to listen to or read the host's in-game instructions and recommendations. Furthermore, some questions may carry double points. Most questions will require a correct and accurate spelling to be awarded the points. Some questions may indeed be trick questions. Reading the host's recommendations will often nudge you in the direction the host expects the answers to be found. Be very very attentive. Wish you the best of luck.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Molade 203560045201001015215
Bones 0000000001010
Ayo 00000000505
Total Number of Trivia Buffs= 31
Mean (Total Scores)= 84.68
Mode (Total Scores)= 5
Median (Total Scores)= 15
Range of Total Scores= 625
Have fun! I hope to see you in the room soon with your nose to the grindstone; ready to climb the charts.
If you have any questions, suggestions or general  comments, you can send them to me or drop them in our handy comments box below.
There will be site-wide reminders when a game is about to be played. Additionally, you can send me your contact info if you want to be buzzed or pinged whenever a game is about to be played. The host is absolutely not responsible for your missing an episode because you did not know when the game took place. Please make arrangements with the host to be informed when the game is about to be played.
Go for the Gold!


Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Princess Juubee02126133004123032186
Gem On Point0002753650000145
Black African0900000000090
Mr Sota8300000000083
Chanbabs 00121305000030
Tomjames 0017000000017
Ike 0014000000014
Bella 00500000005
Akin 00500000005

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