Tuesday, May 10, 2011



Last weekend, I went to see the movie Thor. After hearing or reading people talking about another sensational movie from Marvel comics, I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to check out this movie. It was in 3-D, so as you can imagine, I already prepared my mind for what promises to be a grand visual and auditory experience.

Suffice it to say that after seeing the movie, I can’t remember why I thought this movie would be spectacular. It really was just an overhyped CGI baby—as a matter of fact, if anyone is used to watching movies from Marvel comics on superheroes, they’d be hard-pressed to reconcile this movie Thor with their distinct expectations.

Without any apologies, I don’t think it deserved to be on 3-D. The movie was big on computer generated imagery, but not much about it required it to be in 3-D. There would not be much of a difference if this was rendered in 2-D. It would just be like any other old-fashioned CGI-dominated sci-fi set in some fictive realm in outer space. To be blunt, that’s all this movie really is—a cheesy, overly fictionalized, computer graphics-generated harum scarum set in some unknown realm of space.

Apparently, they just took the Norse myths of old, and worked out a story. It is the story of how Thor, the son of Odin, king of the Asatru pantheon, rebelled against his father’s methods and was subsequently cast out of Asgard. Thinking his father to be weak, old and ineffective, Thor took it upon himself to go with a few of his friends to Jotunheim to fight the Frost Giants. There he quickly discovers that bravery can only lead you so far without wisdom and cunning. Luckily for him, his father Odin arrives just in time to save the Asgardian warriors from certain annihilation down in Jotunheim. Thor gets banished to earth where he learns the necessary lessons in humility, circumspection and sacrifice. Afterwards he is restored to his former estate.

That is the movie in a nutshell. You’ll have to watch the movie to see the details. I am not quite telling you to see this movie or not to see it. You'll have to make that decision yourself. If you love sci-fi then there is a good chance you’ll like this movie. For the rest of us who thoroughly enjoyed movies like the Xmen series, the Spiderman series, Iron Man 1&2, Incredible Hulk, Batman and other quality Superhero movies, I can say this movie did not meet to the mark; it left much to be desired. It just reminded me of that hopeless movie Watchmen—and we all know what a colossal flop that was. I hope the upcoming Superhero epic called Captain America is way better than this.

What are your thoughts on the movie? Did you like it? If yes (and I suspect most people would say YES), what about this movie really tickled your fancy or made it such that you would recommend this movie to anyone? Other than the CG-imagery, was there much about this movie that suggested the rugged, human superhero to you?


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  1. Watch out for Priest this Friday.

  2. I watched this movie on Mother's Day with my mother and my goodness it was alright! it wasn't all that great though i kinda had a little tear for some emotional parts like when i thought he was dead! HA-HA! i thought it wasn't fair tht he would have to die because of some girl he just met on earth! But above all i loved the movie..Was fun watching with my mum who made it even more Hilarious for me yelling!! Thank you Jesus! when we found out he really wasnt DEAD!! hahah but yeah! its was fun to watch

  3. What scene was this? Was it when he was fighting that mechanical thing sent by Loki?

  4. watched the film this past sunday and twas not seen in 3D nor 2D. (Silverbird cinemas.....upgrade!). the movie did not score highly with me foremost because kids were making unnecessary side comments....sometimes repeating what an actor or actress has just said. by the way is that film not rated somewhere around 13? nice imagery sometimes..........CGI work but some scenes were overflogged! I also dont understand why 4 ''acclaimed'' warriors were standing by with three humans watching Thor fight the mechanical object sent by Loki? warriors fight not pet people. Please why do Nigerians clap in cinemas..... am baffled!

    Score card!

    Visual effects / technical expertise - 8
    Sounds - 5
    Artistic merit - 3
    quality of storyline - 4