Thursday, May 5, 2011

Obama Brings "The Funny"

If you have not seen the recent White House correspondents dinner, then you really should. You should see Obama play the comedian-in-chief. It was a week that saw the state of Hawaii finally release Obama's long form birth certificate shaming these ridiculous racist birthers. Why was Trump invited to this event, to come and get all these eggs on his face?

LOL.. enjoy the show.


And if this was not enough, here's more from SNL's Seth Meyers.


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  1. lol..................trump wasn't smiling...

  2. lalaliciouslipz5/05/2011 7:02 AM

    Very funny.....

  3. Obama did a great job, simply loved the Lion King clip used as his birth video.... Kudos Obama! Trump must hate you guts right about now

  4. wow! I saw the first video before but I'm just seeing the second one. What a dinner, with Trump as the "desert". Damn! they really roasted that dude alive. I bet he blamed himself for attending. I know if he didnt attend, he woulda watched it but then, it woulda paid off cos those direct shots were too much. Trump, accept my condolence bro...haha