Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Is Bill Cosby A Serial Rapist?

77 year old Mr. Bill Cosby
Is it me or has anyone noticed all these women that are now coming out to accuse Bill Cosby of having raped them in the past? I think there are well over 15 different women that are now alleging that Bill Cosby sexually molested them one way or the other. 

What's Bill doing about this? Well, Nothing. 

His silence on the matter does not seem to be putting an end to the discussion unfortunately. So I have to ask: Is Mr Bill Cosby a serial rapist? 

At first, my gut told me that his accusers were just looking for hush money or worse, some cheap fame. At any rate,  as more and more women continue to come out to make similar accusations when there is perhaps no monetary incentive (and in some cases, no clear-cut path to fame) I am forced to ask myself if I was not perhaps being overly lenient towards and protective of a man who ought to be suffering the inevitable consequences of  his possible personal miscalculations and egregious misconduct. 

It seems that Bill Cosby has decided that the best course of action is to keep mum and hope that all these allegations would eventually die off. It may happen that way, but what about the public's perception? It is clear that he is being tried in the court of public opinion, and his reticence has actually been hurting him. 

He is in a precarious position. Some of the accusations against him might, as a matter of fact, be absolute balderdash and some of them might have elements of truth. However, according to the statutes of limitations, he cannot be brought to court on any of these rape charges especially since there is no physical evidence implicating him--or rather, no physical evidence that will be admissible in a law court. So as things stand, Bill Cosby walks free. All this can be changed dramatically if a very recent case of sexual harassment and rape were to surface - i.e, one in which the statute of limitations for that misconduct has not lapsed. That will enable charges to be filed, and that will surely put Bill Cosby in front of a judge to defend against that allegation. 

Secondly, if  Mr Cosby were to start talking about some of these allegations - presumably denying some of the more preposterous allegations in some personal interview - he could unwittingly open the gate for prosecution. He would be asked about some of the allegations which he might have previously held himself and the alleged victim to some kind of confidentiality. His denial of those charges may void the agreement and then he would be open to prosecution. 

So, it seems that it is in his personal best interest to remain silent and let his lawyers do the talking for him. The downside is that public perceptions of his persona - as America's television dad and a gifted comedian to boot - would continue to take a hit. Already his brand is taking a hit as some television stations have stopped airing "The Bill Cosby Show" while others are cancelling future business or shows that they may have collaborated with Mr. Cosby to produce. One thing is very clear: we have not heard the last of this issue; no, not by a long shot.

Do you believe that he is a serial rapist? Do you believe that he is being treated unfairly by the media? Are Mr. Cosby's accusers credible? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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