Friday, May 2, 2014

Boko Haram and 2015

From the Vanguard: Scene of the Bomb Blast in Abuja.
It certainly looks like Nigeria's political march into disintegration come 2015, as many watchers and analysts have prophesied, is going ahead unhindered. It has finally become clear to all and sundry that President Jonathan has lost control of the ship of state, and is utterly incapable of doing anything to stop the menace of Boko Haram bombings. We realize that these religious extremists are driven by political considerations. So one really wonders what might be in stock for the masses of poor and helpless Nigerians during the firestorm of next year's presidential elections. 

Less than 3 weeks ago, a deadly bomb detonated in the Nyanya area of Abuja killing well over 50 innocent souls and destroying property and infrastructure. Only yesterday,  another bomb has exploded in the same vicinity in Abuja killing at least 30 people. How long will the impoverished, brutalized, downtrodden, insecure and frightened masses continue to pay for the devious machinations of Nigeria's power-hungry elite with their own blood? 

Boko Haram is without question an instrument of terror. Bafflingly, some of Boko Haram's financial backers and supporters are members of the ruling political elite—some of them are even in the military. It seems that what unites these people is that they are politically working at cross-purposes with the Jonathan administration; they are interested in his ouster come 2015 and have settled for the tactics of convincing Nigerians to dump Jonathan by ratcheting up the degree of anxiety, fear and unrest concerning physical security. So I expect that the spate of bombings will continue since the Nigerian Police Force and even the Nigerian Military have demonstrated that they are simply incapable of rooting out these terrorists. Terrible days are ahead as we approach 2015. Will this banana republic crumble and disintegrate next year—100 years after it was propped up? What can be done to combat the menace of these rabid terrorists? May God grant eternal repose to all who lost their lives in this madness!


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  1. AnOld"Friend"7/06/2014 11:54 PM

    The thought of politicians funding a terrorist group like Boko Haram in the hopes of discrediting president Goodluck Jonathan's administration is baffling. Many people like you have suggested that these attacks are politically motivated, but I just sincerely hope they aren't.

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