Sunday, March 31, 2013

He Is Risen!

Today is the day that Christians celebrate the triumphant resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead; not by any natural physical process but that God who is all-powerful raised him up from the dead according as He had purposed from the foundation of the world; thus validating the claims of our Lord and establishing Christ as the sole channel for the reconciliation of errant man and a sinful world back to a living, loving and powerful Creator.

For in Christ, we see a most humble, loving character that nevertheless showed an extraordinary sense of divine authority in doing wondrous works even exercising the ability to forgive sins and to cast out demons; but who despite his humility, meekness, compassion and overall goodness was by the hands of sinful men despised, mocked, branded a treasonous and heretical rogue and crucified in the vilest of ways. For if the testimony had been that some goodly Jewish social revolutionary lived and did amazing miracles even as he sought to bring back erring Israel back to their maker, but was nevertheless executed without pomp and circumstance, and his followers scattered to the winds, the teachings of such a mover of men may have fallen into disrepute and perhaps lost with the sands of time.

However, since the testimony and message of Christ (indeed his life, earthly ministry and death were foreordained by a living God) was that rebellious squalid humanity can once again be reconciled to a loving Father, it pleased this Father of all flesh and spirits to abundantly confirm and corroborate the supremacy of Christ and the verity of his teachings by resurrecting him from the dead and thereby showing his sovereignty over the physical and indeed over all. For if he had not been raised from the dead then our profession of faith would have simply been in vain.

Indeed he is risen today—and the powers of death and hell cannot prevail against him nor his Church. Happy Easter everyone!

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