Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Presidential Debates: Romney vs. Obama

Question: Gov. Romney, you’ve said that you have a better vision and a better grasp of the economic issues facing our country. Please can you explain to our audience how you propose to bring down the national debt that is now in excess of $16 trillion by means of more tax cuts for the wealthy?

Romney: I can, but I don’t want to bore you with the math…..

Question: I understand that the issue may be difficult but can you break it down for us? Can you explain your tax code? If you are going to close some tax loopholes and cut down spending, what programs are you going to slash in your bid to stimulate the economy?

Romney: You know what? I know I have the better plan. You can read the details on my website www.mittromney.com. As for the rest of that question, uhmm see me after the election…
(For starters, the above discussion is a parody of a possible scenario; it is completely fictional.)

Ever since the Republican National Convention, from which Mitt Romney’s Campaign got a short bump in the polls, he has been continuously trailing Obama in the polls since his infamous 47% remark with about 35 days left before the Election. Now, there are 3 presidential debates left. Romney has to use these debates to reverse his misfortunes. He has to use these debates to show to the over 50-60 million Americans that will be watching, and millions from around the world, that he will be the better person to fix the economic issues facing the country.

Now, Mitt Romney is a seasoned and accomplished debater. All you have to do is just look at his past debate reels to see how prepared he usually is for debates—with a lot of zingers for his opponents. We also know that he is getting ready with a rich arsenal of zingers for Obama as well. He needs to utterly dominate this debate, and show how his vision for the country would be a refreshing departure from Obama’s policies. More importantly, he’ll need to be able to explain his tax code or revenue generation formula in some better detail when pressed or he may find it difficult to beat a certain narrative that is now currently making the rounds in the media according to which he is all promise but ‘no specifics’.

Obama has the most to lose from these debates. He is currently leading in most of the national polls especially in the critical battleground states. He simply has to avoid speaking a costly political gaffe, and hope that there is no October Surprise that may arise so late in the game. He has to come to these debates fully ready to defend his record, and to project himself as the more reliable figure in these harsh economic times. If he allows Romney to clobber him in these debates, or if he appears too cautious as to not project a vision of competence, or worse if he fumbles with his facts and figures, we can see Romney easily reverse the gains that Obama has made since the end of Bill Clinton’s famous speech.

Tomorrow, the politically minded part of the American populace (with all of America’s trenchant punditocracy) will be tuned in to the various media stations and paying serious attention to see who they’ll go with for the next 4 years. Have you made up your mind yet?


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  1. I can wait for the debate to start. I saw part of the series of debates that eventually nominated MItt... I felt the other candidates either didn't do their homework properly or were poor debaters. There are loads of issues he could be taken to the cleaners on.

    I think under pressure Mitt would buckle and by the look of things, he is already feeling the heat already.

  2. Well, tomorrow is the starting point. i don't want to have high hopes on any because the both of them are wonderful debaters. i think to an extent, obama has some strong reasoning skills in debating which gave him an edge in his first presidential poll. Anyway, let's look out for tomorrow. Oops, that is gonna be interesting. LOL.

  3. Ok after watching Debate 1, I am going to call Romney the winner. Romney exceeded even my own expectations. He spoke with such mastery over the details, and with such fierce passion. He kept on hammering Obama over the dismal state of the economy as he pressed home his points.

    Obama on his part did well. However, in future debates, he has to minimize the stuttering, and the nervous smiles (smirks). Secondly, he has to stop staring down at his feet and looking so hurt and ashamed by all the fierce points that Romney might be making. That body language makes him look weak and defenseless.

    Also, he should try to look at Romney as he presses home a point. It seemed like he was just content with looking at Jim Lehrer and the camera but not directly at Romney as he presses home a crucial point of departure between their policies.

    Now, we wait for the Vice-Presidential debate...

  4. I watched the debate more as an Obama fan than any other thing else and my God I was blown out of my seat by Mitt. He sounded more knowledgeable and seem to articulate the points better.

    I would agree with Obama when he said he was being too nice cause how on earth were some points not made to at least slow down Mitt or disrupt the smooth flow he was enjoying. (part of politics and strategy I guess).

    On to the next though.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYKKsRxhcro