Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Just like D'banj's OLiver Twist song has gone viral in Nigerian circles, prompting an avalanche of youtube videos of Nigerians spontaneously getting jiggy with the beat, there is a song which has also gone viral in Ghanaian circles. It is called the Azonto song.  All over the place you can see people eagerly stepping or dancing to this gripping song and dance.

Try to dance to that song and see how well you can replicate those dance steps, if you dare! Ok, let me get my dancing shoes and do the Azonto!



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  1. Where is my dancing shoes...i wanna try looool

  2. I'm loving the song and I'm actually going to use in the club hehehe

  3. This is a good song to dance to.... I'm ready to dance! :)

  4. Hmmmmmmm....am glad u all are dwn with the Azonto. i think my car and ipod are begging me to have mercy on them and stop playing this song on repeat. i am truly addicted to this song. am evening dancing it in my sleep. lord help me. i wish buni would let us have an azonto dance off. ok let me azonto some more. ;)

  5. I Love this song n their moves are just amazing... me want to learn too :)