Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another GOP Debate

I just finished watching the GOP presidential debate. And I can’t say that I’ve picked a front-runner yet. I am still watching this race closely to see how it may turn. Unless Palin enters the race (which I doubt she would), it looks as though this is going to be decided between Texas governor Rick Perry and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. To me, they seemed like the front-runners.

Herman Caine, Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty should fold their campaigns and go home. There is little chance they’ll win. Yes that’s my opinion. Jon Huntsman should angle for a VP position for the eventual party nominee. Michelle Bachmann will surprise me if she somehow gets nominated. The same goes for Ron Paul.

One thing is sure though—they seem firmly united in their visceral opposition to Obama. I see interesting times in 2012. Whoever the republican nominee happens to be, I expect a fierce contest for the Whitehouse. And that's understandable because Obama has not really lived up to the hype. I want to be kind to him by not calling him a completely ineffective president, but things desperately need to change before November 2012. At this stage though, I don’t think any candidate currently has the wind behind the sails, or the grassroots mobilization needed to unseat the president next year. All this may eventually change. We’ll see.

What sort of chances do these candidates have against Obama next year?


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  1. I watch with rapt attention the unravelling of the U.S politics every four years and 2012 would be no exception........ for the past 2 months, it has been about the GOP and I sense more drama would be added if Sarah Palin should enter the race. Among Tea party/republican wannabes, she seems to be the most vocal critic of the Obama administration. How much she has "added" to her knowledge base would either score her big or mar her candidacy.

    I read somewhere that the eventual winner of the race to the white house needs to enjoy enormous popularity and support of prominent individual and organisations. It is not necessarily based on eloquent speaking or charisma which I felt Obama had. Looking in retrospect now, seems america was of the opinion the black race was due for the white house. whether that opinion still prevails next year is yet to be seen

    By the way nice upgrade to the layout GF and which city is that you used or is it computer generated artwork?

  2. That is Chi-town-- a panoramic view of Chicago.

    It is not impossible for Obama to win next year despite the clamoring of the Tea Party. It depends on who eventually emerges the flag-bearer for the Republicans and who that flag-bearer chooses as a running mate. Also, it depends on the public perception of the Obama administration as it pertains to the economy.

    As soon as the Republican flag-bearer emerges, Obama and his team with begin real opposition research and targeted ads to contrast Obama with the republican choice. If th Republican establishment veers too right in selecting an overly partisan candidate like Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin (if she enters the race), then the disaster of 2008 will once again befall the Republicans because they'll lose considerable independent and non-partisan votes. So it is in the best interest of the Republican party to nominate a candidate who seems to have the broadest appeal. In my mind, that candidate is Mitt Romney.

    Secondly, if the economy continues to tank by this time next year, then Obama is toast regardless of who emerges the Republican nominee. After the wasteful Bush years, a lot of people really thought or expected Obama to help usher in real changes; changes which would reverse the economic downward spiral. If in 4 years Obama has npt been able to deliver, I think the American people will just as quickly flush him out.