Monday, August 29, 2011

Heckling Kat Williams

You probably know Kat Williams–the diminutive, caustic African-American comedian with a pimp swagger. If you have never heard of him, please do a YouTube search and listen to his stage performances. Well, here he is in Phoenix Arizona doing his thing when all of a sudden a heckler decides to make himself relevant to the comedy session. Needless to say, the show went downhill from there as Kat Williams was only too willing, in his cautic and abrasive manner, to lay the figurative smack down on the heckler.

The sad part of this debacle is that it is going to open another vicious round of race wars between two of the biggest minorities in the US—Blacks and Hispanics. A lot of the things the heckler said was drowned out by the comic with the mic; a lot of his actions were not very clear and visible from this video. So it appears that for the most part, anyone who watches this is going to base their opinion mostly on what they heard Kat Williams saying as he responded to the heckler. For good or ill, the question on many mouths is: Did Kat Williams go too far?

What do you think?


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  1. I don't know how to say this but I HATE Kat Williams. I never laugh at his jokes. All he does is curse and use foul languages as if that will make me laugh. He definitely went too far and I was waiting to see the Mexican pound his 4ft 8in body to the ground.

  2. oh wow...the way he retaliated was wrooooooong...he could've turned a blind eye/get the man removed rather than make racist remarks but then i guess it was more important for him to 'impress' his audience who are small minded themselves. he get no ratings from me mehn

  3. Yeah he sure cusses a lot. It looked like it was going to get out of hand too had not the security guys come around to offer some protection for Kat Williams. But why would anyone who has seen Kat Williams' comedy before, and who knows how he curses, agree to go see his show if such a person disapproves? For example, judging from what you said, I wouldn't expect you to go see Kat Williams if he was performing anywhere near you. Why did this big Mexican guy go there, and moreover, sit all the way up front?

    You know you have to pay good money to get those good front seats at a packed auditorium like this. You would think someone who wants to sit there would be thick-skinned enough seeing as how it is customary for comedians to pick on those on the front seats. He could have shouted his disapproval from the peanut gallery, and I am sure it would not have derailed this session.

  4. Uhmmm, for me personally I kinda like and dont like Kat Williams. For one thing, his mouth is too RAW for my liking and its a huge turn off for me, but there are a few jokes that I can laugh from him and there are some I can relate to at all. But he is just doing what he has to do just to get the people in the seats and to earn a living. But I do like the movies that he has started in like First Sunday, he was hilarious in that movie. But the fact of the matter is that he went too far with that joke about Mexicans, that was unnecessary and not needed. I bet that Mexican dude was waiting for Kat after this show to give him a few words and maybe even punches.

  5. Kat Williams better be careful now. Some loose cannon from the hispanic community can decide to make an example of him since he claims to be so tough. You know its always easy to sound tough when you are on stage with a mic and everyone is hanging on to your every word hoping to milk some laughter from it.

  6. Ok, i like Katt Williams and yes his comedy is mostly filled with more cursing than my ears can handle. But i don't know if it's because of the noise or something but i seriously didn't get the joke about the ole Mexican thing. But damn he was going to get his butt kicked. But then the guy was smart enough to hold back, coz he sure doesn't want a law suit for kicking the behind of a 4ft midget with permed hair. We can say this is just another Katt Williams being controversial again. And funny thing is people love things like this, they get a rush from all the cursing and controversial topics.


  8. He has been out of the spotlight for a while--as in, no new gigs. I wonder if this wasn't deliberately confrontational so as to get him back on people's minds and lips. I do note however that he regularly visits a certain tinychat room where he engages in the same over-the-top cringe-worthy caustic humor. Some of his rants skirt dangerously the lines between humor and obscene ranting. Now, there are people that find such crassness supremely hilarious, but sometimes I just wonder if he is not overdoing it. If a white comedian said half the things he said to and about African-Americans, would that comedian not be accused of racism?

    Check out this video below.

  9. with that said maybe it was staged, they probably payed him a whole lotta money to start an argument...who knws?