Saturday, April 2, 2011

Delayed Elections

The report I am getting from Nigeria is that the senatorial election scheduled to take place today Saturday 2nd April, 2011 has been cancelled and rescheduled  for Monday. I hope we are not about to find out how colossally incompetent Attahiru Jega and Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) really are.

One hopes that the elections, no matter how flawed, will hold on Monday without fail, and with minimal losses of life and property. It is going to set the precedence for the remaining elections mapped for this month.

Please alert your friends in Nigeria to go out at this critical time to exercise their civic rights to vote.


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  1. I hope the right president will be chosen for Nigeria and that everyone in Nigeria will go out and vote because if you dont vote then the right president will not be running Nigeria... so naija people go out and vote!

  2. hmmm... i second that @ Nigerian Princess, but my opinion is that no matter how many people goes out to vote, they already know the winner before time..... i'm speaking from experience i was paid to vote at the age of 17. What Nigeria needs is our prayers.