Thursday, January 13, 2011

PDP Presidential Primaries

As you probably know today is the PDP primary election held in Abuja, and a lot of people are anxious to know the outcome of that race. Who is going to win between Goodluck Jonathan, Atiku Abubakar and Mrs. Sarah Jubril?

Well, here is an update culled from Sahara Reporters:

02:22am: It should be noted that, with an estimated 5000 delegate voters, whoever reaches between 2500 and 3000 votes will have an unassailable lead. Early projections suggest that Goodluck Jonathan will reach the magic figure
02:20am: Jonathan leads the race to be PDP presidential flagbearer. He has 1184votes so far and Atiku has 328. Jubril has o votes.

I guess this is not brain surgery. Like I suggested elsewhere, Jonathan Goodluck will win this with a landslide. It looks like another PDP anointing has taken place and they have decided to go with Goodluck Jonathan at this time.

Let me make some predictions:

A) Atiku's camp will come out to condemn the process charging that there were a lot of election malpractices that took place. Some may even ask for a do over

B) We'll continue to hear about more destabilizing violence in the North.

C) In the foreseeable future, Atiku will decamp from the PDP, and seek the highest office on another party's platform.

Let me stop here for now pending further updates.


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  1. Good luck to the next future President of Naija.... Goodluck Johnathan

  2. I don't really get why some people wanna be in power forever like it's their heritage. Someone like Atiku has been there before (at least as a vice) and He's been rejected a number of times but he still doesn't wanna learn. Well, maybe he believes in the say that; "Quitters never win and winners never quit". But one thing I've also learnt is that; "One who never wins and never quits is a fool". So, i suggest that Atiku should should abdicate.
    On the other, I quite agree with your conjectures especially (C). When he fails in PDP, he will be seeking positions in other parties and then start working as an opposition against PDP and whoever wins and eventually becomes the President.
    As for we, the Nigerians in diaspora, what we can do is to support our dear country with prayers. I know people will say they've always prayed but nothing has changed but there's nothing else we can do other than to continue to pray until it gets better. GOD BLESS NIGERIA!