Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Angelus Mortis: Here Are Your Three Choices

Scenario 1:

“This is the last time you’ll double-cross me!” the mob boss thundered furiously banging his hands on the table.

“I-I didn’t double-cross you, Boss. I was set up” pleaded Tank with great fear in his eyes. He was slobbering and crying now because he knew the lengths that the mob boss had gone to in the past when handing down punishments. 

The rest of the gang, 20 men and 10 women, spoke not a word. They sat or stood silently in this huge factory-like rendezvous point watching the events. They knew that if they had done the things that Tank was accused of doing they would have met the same punishment. The mob boss was clearly not one to be double-crossed. 

“I’ll make an example of you Tank. I hope everyone today will learn the cost of such acts” the mob boss said silently and menacingly. He whipped out his gun and pointed it squarely at Tank’s head. Then he took his aim slowly. Tank cried loudly and kept begging for forgiveness. Some of the criminals gathered here were wide-eyed with terror. The mob boss had a reputation for his erratic and enigmatic decision-making process. 

The mob boss suddenly lowered his gun. He bent his head down as if he was reconsidering his actions. Then he orders two of his subordinates to bind Tank with a chain to a metallic gate nearby. At this point, no one knew what he had in mind anymore. With murderous rage in his eyes, he orders two men to wheel out the electric generator used to power this factory. Then he orders them to ground the electric cables on the metallic gate that Tank was strapped to. 

Audible gasps could be heard from some of the women in this gathering. It was beginning to dawn on everyone what the mob boss had in mind. 

Tank could see the end now. He looked at the mob boss and once again tried to plead his case. He reminded the general that he had never disappointed him in 15 years of friendship insisting that he was set up. The mob boss said nothing. Tank began to weep desolately as he called on his criminal associates one after the other, by name, begging them to plead his case. No one said anything, but the expressions on their faces showed that some were genuinely moved by the earnestness in his voice. 

“Enough!” the mob boss shouted as he jumped up. He turned around and surveyed his men. Then, he dipped his hand in his coat pocket and produced a tape recorder. This was the evidence of Tank’s betrayal. He walks up to the pleading condemned criminal, looks him in the eye and says in a very chilly tone: 

“I also have video evidence, Tank. You see, you didn’t know that you were being recorded when you were selling me down the river. Don’t you know that those rats you were talking to are scared of me as well? It is because of the leverage I’ve got.” 

With that, he barks out the remaining orders. They started the electric generator. Tank began to say his last prayers. A hardened criminal praying when confronted with death. The mob boss walks up to Tank’s girlfriend, puts the gun against her temple then he drags her to the electric generator. 

“Ok , throw the switch!” he yelled. If Foxy throws the switch, she will send thousands of volts coursing through Tank’s body. 

“No” she said. The mob boss blew her brains all over the wall. She slumped to the floor dead. 

Then he walks up to Tank’s best friend and signals with his eye that he should throw the switch. Stone now knew what awaited him if he dared to disobey. 

He walked over to the generator, threw the switch and walked away. 

Thousands of volts ran through Tank’s body. His gang mates watched the ongoing electrocution with horror. After a few minutes, there was no jerking or twitching movements from Tank; he was as dead as a doorpost. The mob boss allowed the generator to continue sending electric current through the dead body. 

Then he smelt burning flesh. This was beginning to singe Tank’s corpse. He ordered the generator turned off. 

Slumped in a blackened heap were Tank’s remains, some foam collecting at his mouth. That generator was turned off in time or it wouldn’t have been long before Tank’s entrails spilled all over the place. At the mob leader’s command, they took the deceased remains and threw it in a shallow grave. 

Scenario 2

John and Elizabeth were driving home one night when it suddenly began to rain. They were driving home from a pleasant and romantic getaway that had been planned by Elizabeth and her intimate circle of friends. Elizabeth’s best friends were three other married women. They had arranged a couple’s getaway to take some time off from their busy schedules to reconnect with their spouses. It was planned in such a way that all 4 women with their husbands could come to this event. 

John and Elizabeth had been having problems with their marriage ever since Elizabeth told John that she was not going to agree to have a second child after their only daughter turned 4. John wanted to try again for a son, Elizabeth simply refused. And that had caused some friction in their marriage. 

Tonight though, Elizabeth and her husband were feeling happy—indeed happier than they could remember in a long time. They just couldn’t wait to come home to begin to implement some of the decisions they took together at that couples’ summit. 

Then there was a loud blaring horn. 

An oncoming trailer had lost control on the slippery road; the driver was swerving furiously to avoid a head-on collision with the oncoming traffic. The trailer was zigzagging left and right all over the highway as it approached the oncoming traffic. This trailer was carrying felled trees and as the driver swerved all over the place, these huge logs started to drop from the sides of the trailer unto the highway. 

John swerved to avoid a headlong collision with the trailer. He missed the front end of the trailer narrowly. He did not know that as he was swerving sharply to the right to avoid a collision, huge logs of wood from the trailer were rolling directly at him and other oncoming vehicles. As soon as the trailer driver swerved the front driver cabin to John’s left and John could see the road ahead, he noticed these huge logs rolling with tremendous speed at his 2002 Toyota Camry. 

Instinct and adrenalin took over. 

Elizabeth tried to save her life by jumping out of the moving vehicle. She landed awkwardly hitting her skull on the tarred road. Seconds later, a huge rolling tree trunk bounced on one of the logs ahead of it, shot up into the air and came to rest squarely on Elizabeth’s skull and body thereby crushing her to death. 

When Elizabeth jumped out of the vehicle suddenly, John lost complete control of the vehicle. He fought to regain control but the vehicle quickly ran off the road and fell into a ditch. The steering column pierced through John’s chest and he was stuck screaming in agony. 43 seconds later, the car burst into flames with John trapped inside. 

All that was left of John and his wrecked car were a charred, smoldering, unrecognizable heap by the time first responders came to the scene. 

Scenario 3: 

Mary was an adorable one year old baby girl. She was one of those babies that was always smiling and laughing at everything. Her stay-at-home mom, Rose, spared no expense in giving her everything she wanted. Rose could remember her painful pregnancy and how she came very close to losing Mary. She remembered the sleepless nights when Mary would cry and cry. But just look at Mary now—bubbling with excitement, walking around gingerly as one year olds do. Rose remembered fondly how she laughed when she heard Mary’s first words “muh-muh”. Rose told herself that her daughter meant to say “mommy”. Mary would have everything that she never had when she was growing up, Rose promised herself. 

One day, Rose left Mary in her room to play with her toys as she went to get herself ready for a bath. She went to the bathroom, put a stopper on her Jacuzzi hot tub’s drain and started to run some hot water into the tub. She then fetched a book and laid it beside the tub. Rose liked to sit in very warm water to soak and relax when taking her bath. All she needed now was to get some aromatherapy candles to complete her bathing ritual. 

Just then the phone rang. Rose went to the kitchen area to answer the phone. The baby heard the phone ring as well and being a curious little baby, she got up, left her room and started walking towards her mom’s bedroom. She pushed the door softly with her gentle baby fingers and the door opened. Mary walked to her mom’s bedside expecting to see her mom. If she could fully express herself, she would have said something like “hey mom, the phone’s ringing downstairs”. She looked around but she couldn’t find her mother. 

Then she looked at the door again. Mary suddenly sat on the ground totally confused. Where was her mother? She uttered a sound that seemed to be a baby’s cry but stopped almost immediately. She did that several times. To an adult ear, it sounded like one of those noises a baby would make when the baby cannot yet decide if it wants to cry or not. 

Suddenly, she got up and started walking towards her mother’s expansive bathroom. The speaker system in the bathroom was playing some very soft music. Mary was drawn to the sound of that music. Perhaps, her mom was in this corner of the large house? Mary walked into the bathroom and stared at the tub full of hot water. 

“Mommy” she calls out again. No reply. 

Rose was on a very important business call downstairs in the kitchen. Even though she was a stay-at-home mom, she was intimately familiar with and personally involved in her husband’s business dealings. A visibly frustrated Rose was yelling at the person on the other end. It might be that one of her husband’s employees had messed up or that one of her husband’s business associates was reneging on a business deal. After what seemed like an eternity of heated exchanges, Rose hung up the phone thoroughly disgusted with the person she was talking to. 

She started walking briskly up to Mary’s room to see how she was doing with her toys. Then she would quietly retreat to her bathroom to have a relaxing bath. When she got to Mary’s room, she found that Mary was not there. 

“Mary! Mary!!” she called. There was no reply. She started searching the whole house but with no success. Then quickly, as if she remembered something, she started running up the stairs to her bedroom. 

“Mary, Mary are you here?” she calls out again. 

Mary was not in her bedroom. She looked at her bathroom door. She did not leave it this wide open when she went to answer her phone call. She tiptoed gently, ever so gently to her bathroom, dreading the worst. Then she let out a blood-curdling scream. 

There, floating in her hot tub was the body of her drowned baby. Apparently, Mary had innocently clambered to the top of bathtub thinking it to be another plaything in this huge house. Somehow as the poor baby was rocking back and forth with her mom’s book, she fell backward into the big tub of hot water. The baby kicked and trashed around and struggled in vain as hot water rushed into her nose and mouth. There was no one nearby to help the baby out of the huge tub of water, and so she drowned. 

Choose you now, who experienced the most unfortunate or tragic death? Suppose the Angel Of Death gives you one of these three certain ways to die, which one would you choose?


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  1. wow godfather awesome blog..... This is a very very hard question to answer tho... as for me I believe that all 3 of this scenarios experienced the most unfortunate or tragic death but if I had to choose I would have to choose scenario 2, the husband being burnt alive and then the wife's skull being broken in half and for the second question I would like to die a slow and quick death then I would just choose to die just like Mary did by drowning. I dont die by a electric generator or die being driven off a cliff, pierced in the chest and then left burning in a car or by having my skull on the road and then the log killing to my death... But wow! Godfather I hope that I can sleep tonight ooo But again one of the best blogs u have ever written! :)

  2. ermm... why dont i choose none? i dont want to die with my husband in such a painful manner or have high voltage electricity soaring through my body or even have my precious little child drown due to my carelessness. but if i had to choose, ill pick scenerio 2.

    i loved the storys though... uber interessant! lol. the scenery and detail was very vivid. it was like i was in every story. u should totally write a book.